Saturday, May 19, 2007

Super Sweet Shower for Sarah

These wonderful ladies from church gave Sarah a shower this morning. I cannot brag enough about how nice the people at our church are, and how good they are to our family. She got so many nice things. They had yummy in your tummy brunch goodies to eat, and maybe 25 ladies in attendance. The love they constantly show us (and especially Sarah today) continues to warm my heart.


Constance said...

Happy Sunday!

I'm back from Never-Never land, the land of crashed hard-drives. I'm trying to get caught up with all of my blogger friends. I will try to do the Meme thingy this week, thanks for tagging me! Congrats to Jacob and the shower and for having an awesome family and... you are blessed girlfriend!

Getting ready for church... ta ta

Juloyes said...

sounds wonderful!!!

Toni said...

That's wonderful! She is just glowing! Wish I had back when I was pregnant!