Saturday, May 5, 2007

Dallas Mavericks - Part II

Heard about the Mavericks "new" logo this morning, thanks to Slim Pickin's From My Brain. I "borrowed" it from her son-in-laws post. Thought it was really, really funny - at least if it wasn't so sad.


Constance said...

Ha Ha! I had to laugh when I saw that you had posted it! While we're not B-ball fans, we are into Hockey!!!!! Yeah Baby! Of course the Stars got eliminated pretty quick!

It's a dry summer for us here in the Metroplex! No Stanley Cup Finals, no more B-Ball. All we have left are the Cowboys and I lost interest in them when they started getting too big for their britches and acting like a bunch of thugs!

Constance said...

I guess I forgot about the Rangers but I'm not really into Major League Baseball. Paint dries faster that getting through one of those games!
Connie (again)