Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another Hilarious Thing...

OK - think Animal House...we're eating chinese food buffet for dinner, talking about college, Jacob is moaning about why are things in college not like in Animal House (yes, I realize this isn't an appropriate movie...) So later, my beloved, funny hubby goes to get cream puffs and vanilla pudding for dessert. (Please recall from my meme that we laugh a lot in our family) As only my husband can do, he proceeds to eat the cream filling out of the cream puffs leaving the pastry behind. Which my equally hilarious son points out that it's like he's eating a zit. Well then Allan begins on the which time Jacob (in the exact voice from the movie) says, " That man is a P-I-G pig." Which totally catches Allan of guard and he proceeds to spurt the pudding out of his mouth onto the table laughing. I then cannot even catch my breath and we are making a small scene. I manage to get the words out , "What is that from, anyway" to which they reply in unison - ANIMAL HOUSE . After both of them repeating the line numerous times, we left for home. I know that much of the humor requires that you were there, but I wanted to at least try to share this.

Must run - 400th Simpsons begins in 3 minutes!


Toni said...

I own that movie. I have recorded Simpsons to watch in a bit. We ARE normal, right?

Constance said...

Some of the best family times are the ones that don't make any kind of sense to anyone else!