Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday's Findings

We had a nice Friday. My husband stayed out of the office (which is hard for him to do.) We had our regular Friday breakfast out. My daughter and husband came by to give me my Mother's Day gift. (Free pedicure - nice) Hubby cut the grass, and I took 2 of the herd to the vet's for shots. We got good academic news about Jacob. He is 7th in his class and we have the invite for Tuesday's Top 10 Club Banquet. AND he found out that in all 4 TAKS tests he was commended (that's a good thing). He's been commended before, but never in all 4 tests. Now the waiting continues until we get his SAT scores. He went out to his sister's for the night, so my hubby and I drove to Corpus for dinner. We ate at a place called Aladins. It was fair. We have an awesome place in San Antonio we like to eat, Istanbul Cafe, and I think we would have really liked the place tonight if we hadn't eaten at the better place. We LOVE any kind of ethnic food - wish we had more variety to choose from. Also went to the bookstore and picked up some new books. (I got 2 healthy cooking cookbooks - yes - we're trying to be healthier)

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Toni said...

Great job on the Taks tests! And the pedicure! Have a wonderful Mother's Day!