Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Final Product

First let me say that I started off the day today feeling really good. Our house has begun to return to its normal routine. Two nights in a row, we've eaten dinner together all three of us (at the table no less!). Jacob's been in bed before midnight and up before noon (thanks in great part to tennis practice:) But then the day went downhill.
1. I called for results of my bloodwork done Monday morning...normal, normal, normal... Cholesterol 225, Triglicerides 606 *gasp* yep - couldn't even figure my LDL they were so high. I guess it's diet and exercise time for me *moan and groan*
2. Got to school and worked diligently all morning to attach student's names to the desk with contact paper (not the first time I've done this) - only to discover after lunch that they had all come loose.
3. Found out one little boy I'd really looked forward to having in my class wasn't returning:(
4. Went to lunch with the other teachers, had to wait forever, felt like my time was wasted.
5. Came home feeling terribly behind and like I'd never be ready.

Then...My beloved husband suggested we go back after dinner so I could work some more. So now without further ado - my after pictures - I warn you there's a lot of them!
This is from one corner to the opposite corner - AR computers, Math/Science/SS/Art centers.
Main door to the classroom, calendar, desks, books.
Teachers desk (that's mine), filing cabinet, cupboards.
Library center, work table, and most importantly - my devoted helpers!The teacher at her desk - Allan has taken over the camera:)
Worship area: Bible, Catechism, devotion book
Armor of God - found this in a drawer and thought it was too cute not to put up!

Our Art book comes with art prints for each unit. I LOVE these!
My Center Assignment chart. Time will tell if I have any idea what I'm doing!

So now, at bedtime, I'm much more content and less stressed than I was before dinner. A big, big, BIG thank you and hug to my husband for being so understanding and thoughtful - Love you!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Workers Remorse

I have it -- big time -- workers remorse. I've not worked the past two school years, and have loved every minute of being the SAHM. And I'm excited about being back in the classroom, with a whole new group and age of kids. A little nervous, but excited. I've already enjoyed visiting and seeing my old friends from school -- all good. But this week - my last one -- I'm filled with lasts. Our last Monday breakfast out together, our last Tuesday lunch shared...soon, I'll be to our last Friday off. I miss my husband already, and school hasn't even begun. No more popping in at the office (I know he won't miss THAT). No more quick visits during the day. I know I'll be fine come Monday.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Classroom and Life Update

OK, here they are, the before pictures. Piles and piles of things that I don't know what they are, or where they should go. I took Jacob and his friend Zach on Tuesday to move all the heavy things around. (Zach had some good suggestions for where things should go) Zach hooked up the computers, and both boys cleaned the bottoms of the desks with bleach and set them up in groups of 2. I have worked all week (except for Thursday - we had a funeral which took up most of the day). I'm pleased with where I am, but not nearly ready. And of course, I've not even begun to look at the actual books and plan anything yet *yikes*. I have thrown away LOTS of - yes I'll say it - JUNK. It seems that every teacher who has used this room brought every bit of educational things they owned, and then felt the need to leave it for the next people. Do I need a filing cabinet full of memeograph materials?? (I don't even know how to spell that, much less use it!)

I came home yesterday afternoon to a house full of teenagers. Jacob and 5 friends were hanging out around the computer. We grilled some steaks, new potatoes w/rosemary, tomatoes, corn w/lime & cayenne with ice cream for desert. Also watched Disturbia with them. Really good movie...scary and funny and suspenseful, but nothing horribly gross. Jacob said it was too scary for me, but I liked it (It's no Rear Window, but pretty good for a teen version).

Today I've been busy catching up on the weeks chores...between working each day, and the added work of the funeral, all chores since Tuesday have been put on the back burner. Three more loads of laundry, and I'll be totally caught up, hopefully to stay on schedule next week.

I'll post my after pictures when the room is complete!

Monday, August 6, 2007

In Over My Head

I went today to check out my classroom for the upcoming school year. Boy-o-boy am I overwhelmed. I'm teaching 2nd-3rd grade for the first time. New classroom. Big mess! Everything is in a big heap in the center of the room since they move everything out to clean and wax the floors. I have no clue how to arrange all this stuff that I've never used. I really need to calm down. Plus, it's been so wet and humid this summer, that mold has grown on almost everything. So tomorrow, I'm taking my son the reluctant helper, a bucket of rags, pledge, Clorox, the shopvac, and my aching back and returning to the room to clean and put things in their places (if I can figure out where that would be!) I may take some before pictures to match up after all is clean and decorated. I've forgotten how stressful this time of the school year is. *BIG sigh*

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Bourne Ultimatum / HP & the Deathly Hallows

Wow, what a great entertainment day! We went this afternoon to see The Bourne Ultimatum. Fantastic! As my dad would've said - a real womp-stomper! The movie never slows down, it's one mad and terrific race to the finish. OK, 2 things might be a bit unrealistic *smirk*. #1 Why if the guy standing between the bomb and the man in the car isn't injured is the guy in the car dead? #2 How does anyone walk away from that car chase?? Great movie, A+

Now, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - don't look here for a spoiler. But what an amazing book. I can't begin to express how sad I am that this was the last installment in Harry's life. I have enjoyed these books so much. My son was 11 (Harry's age in book #1) when the first book was published. He has grown up with Harry, Ron and Hermoine. He is not a reader, but reads these books (all 700+ pages of them) from cover to cover. This last book does not disappoint. The characters are heroic, faithful, devoted (to each other and their cause.) If you've not read the books, now is the time to start. Enjoy!