Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend

As Easter weekend is winding down, I am very much wishing I had Easter Monday off! I could use a day of R & R, but alas it is not to be :) 

As is usual, my husband outdid himself with wonderful Holy Week services.  His Lenten sermons based on the names of Jesus were terrific.  It was all good...sermons, music, all of it.  The church was beautiful.  I was privileged to see two of our confirmands take Holy Communion with their families for the first time on Maundy Thursday.  Good Friday found me shopping for the Easter feast, watering the lawn, and cleaning the house.  Allan usually cleans on Friday's, but I was glad to be off work so that I could do it for him.  He does entirely too much for me!  Saturday, more watering (!) lots of food prep for today, arranging Easter Lilies at church.  Today was a wonderful day.  Church was awesome.  My meal went great.  We had some folks from church join us and everyone seemed to have fun.  An afternoon watching Big Bang Theory - Season 1.  A whole day spent with Jacob. (I can't remember when that last happened.)

I have yet a few little things to do for school tonight, and Vikings is still to come.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A New Blogging Beginning

I am sure that my former regular readers have moved on to more active blogs.  Yet I feel the need to begin again.  After spending 3 years or so on Facebook, I'm rethinking my participation.  We had a bad Facebook experience over Spring Break.  Someone used a photo that I had taken and printed it and was using it to slander our family.  This particular photo was of my husband, who was sitting on our back porch smoking a pipe and drinking a beer after mowing the lawn.  It is a photo of a happy, relaxed and contented man.  I have been angry and disappointed at this turn of events.  My first course of action was to deactivate my Facebook account.  My husband then came across a wonderful essay on privacy in the older generation.  At first, I was all in agreement with this essay with righteous indignation about how our privacy had been taken advantage of.  But then after some reflection, I'm beginning to believe that I am also somewhat to blame.  Why should I share every detail of our lives so quickly and easily with people?  Do they really have a need to know these details?  I'm just not sure.  I like being able to connect with family and old friends around the country.  I like peering into their Facebook pages and seeing their families and interests.  I makes me feel connected to people with whom I otherwise wouldn't be connected.  But did I miss this interaction before Facebook?  No, I didn't.  I emailed or snail mailed photos to family out of town, called, and wrote letters.  Should that type of interaction with a smaller number of people be sufficient?  This is what I'm trying to decide.  I am thinking that I will stay off of Facebook at least until summer.  Then perhaps rejoin with a slimmed down friends list.  In the meantime, I will try to do a weekly blog post, in which I will recount fun things or thoughts that have breezed through my mind and life over the past week.  I welcome and appreciate your thoughts and comments.  The more the merrier :)