Sunday, September 30, 2007

Time Flies...

And here I am at 10:40 on Sunday night still waiting for towels to dry. My work for tomorrow is done, and the weekend has flown by with no blogging on my part. We DID have a productive weekend though. We repaired some boards that had fallen down on our back patio cover. Finally remembered to look for hummingbird nectar, and now our feeder is in business. It is hummingbird season, and they are SO cute. Already buzzing around - and did you know they chirp?? Who knew... My clothes line came on Saturday, and Allan has it all installed. Can't wait to hang out towels - they are going to smell soooooo good. The housekeeper comes tomorrow - I'm almost giddy:) And our cats finally are doing their job. Found mouse remains in Jacob's room after church this afternoon. I suspected we had some rodent friends again, but haven't set the traps yet. I guess tomorrow I'll set some out. Ginny must be the mighty hunter, because Bob certainly isn't. Once, we heard one of the traps in the cabinet snap, we looked inside and put both Bob and the rat terrier in front of the door and opened it. The mouse got out of the trap, ran around, and both cat and dog looked at each other and refused to budge. They are definitely NOT earning their keep!

Tomorrow we have our first PTL meeting/Open House/Meet the Teacher night. I hate this stuff - enough said. Then next week, Parent Teacher Conferences for the first report card *sigh*

Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm a Bit Embarrassed, But...

Today, we had our house cleaned by our new ... HOUSEKEEPER!! She did a wonderful job, but she did tell me that there was a lot she still needed to do, but she would chip away at it each week. I guess that implies that we are more tidy than clean??? And ALLAN cleaned last week, and he is an amazing cleaner. But the house smelled amazing...AND she washed the sheets from last week, and the few clothes in the hamper. WOW. She was so surprised that we had never had anyone clean for us before. It still seems like such a splurge, but will make life much easier for us with me working. Once again, don't I have the most amazing husband??? Thank you for being so good to me:)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Where Does the Time Go?

I am amazed that two weeks have passed since my last post. The days and hours are flying by so quickly. So many things have happened...where oh where to start. I guess in no particular order...just begin.

Last week, I kept hearing noises in the garage in the mornings...but never could see anything, although things were knocked to the ground most mornings. I guessed we had an opossum. Finally, one morning, I spotted it. That afternoon after Jacob got home, he and Allan went on the great opossum hunt. Finally spotted it behind the freezer, after which it ran and hit in the Christmas tree box. Needless to say, our garage has been further cleaned out as the Christmas tree box made its was immediately to the dumpster!

Three weeks of school has flown by...spend the weekend doing progress reports. Wish some of the students had better grades. I have two boys driving me insane. They seem more interested in laughing and walking around than in any punishment I've handed out. Also have a little girl who wore a shirt with a pink skull on it.

Mother: She was really concerned about wearing this shirt to school, but I told her it would be OK.

Me: It's OK for today, but probably better not wear it after today.

Hint: If your kid thinks something isn't allowed, listen to her!

I have lost TEN pounds :) I'm pretty pleased about this. Although last week one day, the school lunch was enchiladas, rice, and beans. They sent an extra...I had lunch duty...needless to say, I ate every morsel (It was SO good!) I'm starting to get used to feeling hungry :) NOT.

My dear husband spent his day off on Friday washing clothes, cleaning house, and basically doing all my weekend chores so I wouldn't have to. Could there be a greater guy anywhere??

Our computer finally ground to an almost halt. After backing everything important I could find up, last night we went out and bought a new one. It has Vista and everything. It's super nice, but will take some time to get used to. I HATE big purchases. But the computer is cool.

That's it for now - I'm running to the store (in the car of course) for snacks for teenagers. It's homework central here right now (nothing like waiting until the last possible moment, right??)

Monday, September 3, 2007

The First Week

As far as first weeks go, I had a great one. My class is terrific: 5 girls, 5 boys: 6 second-graders, 4 third-graders. I've got a third grade boy that totally looses it behavior-wise as soon as we start math (perhaps move math to the end of the day???). I'm still fiddling with my schedule, and haven't yet done everything planned in a day. I think I totally forgot how to teach 2 grades at once. But I felt much more confident by the end of the week.

My most beloved husband welcomed me home Monday with a lovely vase of flowers, the sweetest card you'll ever read, and my favorite cocktail. He is the sweetest man. We sat on the couch (with my feet propped on the table of course) sipping our drinks, discussing the happenings of the day. Surprisingly, he had a very productive day himself (I'm sure due to not having me popping in on him all day:)) All week we enjoyed our cocktail hour, and he spent his day off on Friday getting a start on the weekend chores so I wouldn't have so much to do. We're even trying to find someone to come in and clean so that it makes things easier for us both. What a gem of a husband I've got.

I'm sort of prepared to begin the second week. I've enjoyed our long weekend, and hate to think how long until the next day off (I'm not even going to LOOK at the calendar!)

Memorial Day

Finished "Memorial Day" by Vince Flynn on Saturday. Honestly, I've had this book by my bed for months. I've started it countless times. It doesn't start out with a bang. Only because I had nothing else to read did I stay with it. Once I got a few chapters into it, I was really good. Not as good as his other books, but good. Mitch Rapp discovers a terrorist plot to detonate a nuclear bomb in Washington, D.C. on Memorial Day. There are bad guys in the US, and overseas, and Mitch has to figure out the whole plan while the government is trying to stand in his way at every turn. Worth reading if you can get past the beginning.

Saturday, September 1, 2007


I have really, really enjoyed learning how to digital scrapbook. I still have loads and loads to learn, but what fun! My beloved said you would all like seeing my work thus far. If this works, you'll have a slide show of our year from January through April. Click here to begin. For May through July, click here.

Wow! I think I may actually have done it:0)