Sunday, September 16, 2007

Where Does the Time Go?

I am amazed that two weeks have passed since my last post. The days and hours are flying by so quickly. So many things have happened...where oh where to start. I guess in no particular order...just begin.

Last week, I kept hearing noises in the garage in the mornings...but never could see anything, although things were knocked to the ground most mornings. I guessed we had an opossum. Finally, one morning, I spotted it. That afternoon after Jacob got home, he and Allan went on the great opossum hunt. Finally spotted it behind the freezer, after which it ran and hit in the Christmas tree box. Needless to say, our garage has been further cleaned out as the Christmas tree box made its was immediately to the dumpster!

Three weeks of school has flown by...spend the weekend doing progress reports. Wish some of the students had better grades. I have two boys driving me insane. They seem more interested in laughing and walking around than in any punishment I've handed out. Also have a little girl who wore a shirt with a pink skull on it.

Mother: She was really concerned about wearing this shirt to school, but I told her it would be OK.

Me: It's OK for today, but probably better not wear it after today.

Hint: If your kid thinks something isn't allowed, listen to her!

I have lost TEN pounds :) I'm pretty pleased about this. Although last week one day, the school lunch was enchiladas, rice, and beans. They sent an extra...I had lunch duty...needless to say, I ate every morsel (It was SO good!) I'm starting to get used to feeling hungry :) NOT.

My dear husband spent his day off on Friday washing clothes, cleaning house, and basically doing all my weekend chores so I wouldn't have to. Could there be a greater guy anywhere??

Our computer finally ground to an almost halt. After backing everything important I could find up, last night we went out and bought a new one. It has Vista and everything. It's super nice, but will take some time to get used to. I HATE big purchases. But the computer is cool.

That's it for now - I'm running to the store (in the car of course) for snacks for teenagers. It's homework central here right now (nothing like waiting until the last possible moment, right??)


Special K ~Toni said...

Yay! 10 pounds? That's awesome! Fabulous job!

The hubby is awesome! Most would sit around on the bums!

Anonymous said...

Pink skull? Oh my. Hey, once I had a kindergarten boy wear a "Hooters" shirt someone had gotten for him at the restaurant. =)

Mrs. Darling said...

Wow congrats on the weight loss!

Constance said...

Once my best friend Brenda was approached by the Youth Pastor from their church. He politely asked her why her son David (he's named after my hubby and our son Charles is named for Brenda's hubby-they've been best friends since High School), why was David wearing a
"Girls Gone Wild"
shirt to Youth Group?

David naiively said, something to the effect of the "girls are wild" about him. The YP quickly cleared that whole thing up by telling them the real meeaing of the shirt. My best friend was mortified and needless to say, David NEVER got to wear that shirt again!!!! I got such a chuckle out of that story!

Glad to hear from you, thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to tell you that I FOUND your ten pounds! You may have them back now!

Caroline said...
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Mammy said...

Congrats on the ten pounds! Keep on keepin on.