Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More Travels

Am I bad at blogging or what?? While my beloved was in Austin taking a class last week, Jacob and I traveled to Ft. Worth to visit family. We had a great time! It was so great to see everyone. We went with my mom to get her a new computer. She had been using one that had a 51/4" floppy drive :(), so she was way past due! Since she is really attached to her dial-up, it took some time getting things downloaded. She has figured out all the important bells and whistles, however, and seems pleased with her purchase. We changed some light bulbs, at breakfast at a great little place, and basically had a blast talking and catching up. I sure wish we could see each other more often.

There was a lot of excitement at Allan's parents - the first night there, lightening struck close to their house, and fried 3-4 computers, fax, phones, DVD, TV's, A/C, etc... FIL was still making a list for insurance at the end of the week when we left. What a pain! He's an accountant, and was frantic without his computers, and all stored on them. On top of this, my MIL was obviously not feeling well, and discovered on Thursday that she has SHINGLES! What a nightmare - I feel so bad for her. I've known several people who've suffered through that, and it is no fun, that is for sure.

Jacob and I went on Friday night to Billy Bob's Texas to see Kevin Fowler. Yes, that's right, the largest honky-tonk in the world. The concert was excellent, but I was definitely out of my comfort zone. Oddly enough, a friend from home was also visiting her grandmother that weekend, and was at the concert. He got to do some boot-scootin' and had a really good time. We were standing outside the concert area before it started, and a young man we'd seen in the gift shop walked up and asked if I was Jacob's mom. He said yes, and the young man asked if we'd like tickets to sit down. We said sure. Turns out he'd won them on a radio station. How sad, in thinking later, that he won probably 4 tickets, and had no one there with him. He must have been between 18-21, because he was alone, and he had no hand stamp and was consuming soda! He also scooted his chair at one point directly on top of my big toenail---OUCH. I almost cried it hurt so bad.

We had done some outlet mall shopping on the way up, and intended to go into Cabella's on the way back, but I must have been so sleep depraved that I completely missed it! We were both looking forward to seeing one of these stores in person. Arrived home safe Saturday night, thrilled to see Allan. We hate being apart. So good to be home again.

I am almost finished with Harry Potter - 6 (I wanted to reread it since I really couldn't remember it at all and Allan was busy reading -7-) Can't wait to get to #7. We actually have 2 copies - Jacob's got one and we shared the 2nd. We went to see The Simpsons movie Sunday afternoon - funny, funny, funny. Loved it.

Tried all day yesterday to catch up in the blogging world. Managed to get through almost all of your blogs, but the computer kept freezing up, hince the tardiness of my updated posting. Maybe I'll do better now...

Friday, July 20, 2007

63rd LCMS National Convention

I've been out of touch for a week now. My hubby and I were in Houston for the LCMS National Convention. My husband was a voting pastoral delegate, and I was a listener at the back of the convention arena. I always love going to these things, because I find the discussions and debates so interesting. I was pleased, that overall, most of the resolutions/votes were either passed or not passed by over 75%. There were very few issues that were close. The best part, though, was seeing our dear friends from Wyoming that we've not seen for 10 (yes - TEN) years. It was awesome spending time with them. Lisa and I had a ball visiting in the back, and spent a day at the Galleria Mall shopping (and talking of course). Their boys came along, and it was great seeing what amazing young men they've grown into.
We all went out for dinner the last night, and a big thanks to the boys for getting the group photo! Our second night was a fun one, we all gathered at the Concordia Theological Seminary's party after the convention closed for the evening. It was a great time for the men - seeing classmates for the first time in years. The ladies (some of the men brought wives with them) enjoyed catching up on families and churches. Ft. Wayne always throws a good party, and everyone was in good spirits (as you can see, the jokers were at it again, as usual!)
We got home last night - tired and ready to sleep in our own bed. We stopped by our friend from CA to say goodbye. She and the kids left this morning for their new home in New Orleans. We were sad to see them go. It is nice that they are closer to home, and Jacob and Paeton had a great time together this summer.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was awesome! We saw it last night (OK, not the first night, but almost.) Although it was impossible to include everything in the book, as usual they did an amazing job. The thing about all these movies that moves me is that they have completely captured - exactly - how I have imagined the scenes in my mind. The new characters were excellent, and the returning characters were brilliant as always. It was a bit darker than the last movie, and had some scary parts that might frighten little ones. 5+ stars!

Saturday, July 7, 2007


We took Grandmother to see what may have been the very first movie she's seen in a theater. Went to see "Ratatouille." It was a great movie! Very funny, and since I love to cook, neat to see the animation of the cooking. Grandmother laughed out loud on more than one occasion. Great fun for all ages - a must see.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Long Time No Post

It has been a whirlwind around here trying to make a nice visit with Grandmother. I shall start at the beginning:
Friday - we drove to Austin and picked her up at her granddaughter's house. We drove back home and brought all her bags in and gave her the grand tour. We were all tired after all the driving and took it easy that night.
Saturday - I took Grandmother to Wally World for some shopping. She doesn't move very fast, but boy can she shop. She picked out some things for her new great-great granddaughter, and found a pair of pants she'd been looking for in her size. We started the morning at church watching the Boy Scouts re-stripe the parking lot. She met lots of new people and sat out in the heat. She is a great sport and quite the trooper:)
Sunday - After church and lunch, we drove down to see Jessa. She is doing great, as is her mother. She is a beautiful baby, lots and lots of hair, blue eyes, and beautiful skin. She is already sleeping 4-5 hours at a time (God's blessings showering down on her parents!) We had terrible storms while we were there, and also at home. We arrived home to a powerless house, so we took Grandmother to Chili's for dinner. She'd only been there one other time. Because of the rain, Jacob was unable to work after Saturday. AND it appears watermelon season is about done, so he got to work 4 whole days! But he had a great time and got his check today - his FIRST paycheck. He has since been spending virtually every minute socializing with friends.
Wednesday - July 4th. I took Grandmother to our little 4th of July parade - I'm not sure if she's ever been to a parade before - and ours isn't much - lasted all of 20 minutes. She had fun, though.
Then, last night some of our friends had their annual 4th of July party, and we all went to that. Grandmother got to meet a lot of people like none she's ever met:) She was awesome, talked to everyone, and seemed to have a great time.

We still have more things in store for her, and I'm taking pictures to put together an album of her visit. She's a dream of a houseguest. She has picked tomatoes and weeded the bed, cut up and taken out the seeds of a watermelon, and has two pies she's wanting to fix. Not bad for 86 years young.