Monday, August 22, 2011

WOW - What a Summer!

I can't believe that summer is over.  It was the best summer.  My wonderful husband worked so hard to make it a nice summer, and he succeeded many times over.  We had so much fun.  Oh the things we did...we consumed countless calories of wonderful, delicious food at all of our favorite places.  We shopped til we dropped (literally - I almost fell over on our last shopping trip - lol).  We went to the beach.  We went to Mexico.  We went swimming several times a week.  Much time was spent sharing meals with friends and family.  Both of our grandchildren celebrated birthdays (4 and 2!!).  What fun we had sharing those special moments.  Time goes by so fast.  I was able to spend almost a week with my mom and spend a short time with my in-laws while I was in town.  And the movies...lots and lots of movies...20 of them in all.  What fun it was going to different theaters and seeing all those movies.  From "Fast Five" to "Spy Kids," we saw almost all of them.  Some were terrific (Super 8, Harry Potter, Midnight in Paris,) some were fun tween  movies (Judy Moody, Spy Kids, Monte Carlo) - In Monte Carlo we were by far the oldest in the theater and I believe Allan was the only dude - lol.  Some were terrible (Conan!).  Since Sarah and her family are living closer, I've been able to babysit a few times - loving it!  Boy O Boy was it hard seeing this special time come to an end.  I truly have the most awesome husband in the world - so blessed by God - I cannot thank him enough for this summer!

But today, school started.  I'm thankful for a short break, and the morning has gone wonderfully.  I seem to have a classroom full of eager minds.  They are learning their procedures, behavior is pretty good considering how excited they all are, and everyone seems to like each other.  All good. 

But I still miss my hubby...