Saturday, August 9, 2008

Farewell to Tom

We lost a faithful friend of our family this week. Our - well technically not our - Siamese stray tomcat...Tom to us. He was a terrific old cat. I don't even have a picture of him to share. He's been coming around our house for years now. Hangs around a week or so and then moves on for months at a time. He had this huge head, and huge paws and claws that you knew meant business. He always loved human attention...having his head rubbed, sitting in your lap, or rubbing around your legs. Anytime a storm or cold spell came around, we'd find Tom curled up on a blanket in the garage - he knew where to come for shelter. Wednesday morning, the dogs made a racket, and Jacob went out front to see what was up. There were three big dogs attacking him in the yard. (Why can't people keep their pets in a fence! Why is that so hard!) He chased them away, and Tom ran off. Later that morning when we were leaving, we found him curled up under the car, and he died right in front of us. Jacob buried him in the backyard. He was just a cat, but I'm still a bit torn up by the whole thing. Especially when I saw how nice Jacob had fixed his spot. Stupid dogs.