Saturday, January 29, 2011

2010 Scrapbook Slideshow

I've worked like crazy on this, and finally finished it today.  The DVD's are made, and they will be in the mail on Monday to my mom, and Allan's parents.

Now I've Gone and Done It

There's no turning back...I've joined a health club.  Technically it's a "Wellness Center."  They assessed me; developed a workout plan for me; I've paid for three months; now - I have to be filled with wellness.  Hmmmmm.  Three workouts down.  I did everything they had for me today - first time for that.  We'll see what the next three months bring.  Hopefully a healthier me.

Allan has been so great this week.  He's had dinner ready every night when I get in from exercising.  He did all the cleaning yesterday so I wouldn't have to do it today.  Hopefully I can pick up the slack again next week.

Now, for a shower, some menu planning, and trudging out to the dreaded HEB for groceries.  YIKES - I hate the grocery store - especially on a Saturday.

Monday, January 17, 2011


This has been a fairly good Martin Luther King day.  If only Allan had been here to spend the day with it would have been perfect.

After seeing Allan off on his Circuit Counselors conference, I started my weekly cleaning (which I had no time to do on Saturday ).  Jacob and I had lunch together which was a nice treat.  I worked on my 2010 scrapbooking - completed October and have a start on November.  Two friends came over for dinner - chili and cornbread - and we talked wedding talk - Lizz is getting married in September.  Lastly, I've become totally stuck on 24.  Sarah was right.  I've watched the first three episodes and am having to force myself to go to bed.  Pretty good TV.  I have to stop after three and then talk Allan into watching because I think he'd really like it as well.

Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich.  I finished reading this book last night.  It is supposed to be the first in a new series by Ms. Evanovich.  The main character, Deisel, has appeared in the previous between-the-numbers Stephanie Plum novels.  This time he teams up with a great character named Lizzy.  She is a master cupcake baker.  Her circle of wacky friends works in the bakery with her.  All in all a good read...maybe not quite as funny as the Stephanie Plum books, but certainly has potential.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Long Weekend

Thank you Martin Luther King, Jr. for providing me with a three day weekend!  I have very few papers to grade so I should get to relax a little.  Tomorrow will be busy:  another funeral to attend at 11:00 and TAMUK Men's basketball at 3:00.  Cleaning, bedding change, grocery shopping to fit in there somewhere!  I think I can, I think I can...

Jacob's wisdom teeth extractions went as well as something like that can go.  He seems to be healing nicely...still not thrilled with trying to eat regular food, but sneaking some in.  He's having a hard time taking his antibiotic since it is the only thing still to take. Other than being a bit cranky, he's back to his normal self.

I plan on finishing the 2010 slideshow on Monday.  The song is picked out (I think) and I have October-December pictures to scrapbook and then putting it all together.  I think I can, I think I can...

I've loved the wonderful cool weather this week.  At least it felt like January for a week.  I think we're heading back to the 70's for next week.  But it was sure fun bundling up for this week:)  I've got cornbread cooking in the oven and beef stew in the crock pot.  Yum.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Heavy Heart

It is with a heavy heart that I sit at my computer tonight.  Bad news abounds.  Stress builds.  What a way to start a new year.  One of my second grade student's father passed away yesterday morning after a lengthy illness.  My little Raymond has been so brave and matter of fact.  His dad was a fine man, and a faithful, devout Christian.  They were honest with Little Raymond - he's known since Thanksgiving that his daddy wasn't going to get well.  Brave through it all.  My heart breaks for him - so little to lose your daddy.

Another fine Christian lady in our congregation is close to death.  The family has gathered.  She's lived almost 88 years. 

Allan's great-aunt Elsie went to be with Jesus today.  He's honored to participate in her funeral service.  Another fine, faithful Christian woman.  So many loved ones gathered into Jesus' arms.

Stress abounds:  dealing with and talking to the students about their classmate's father's passing;  watching someone you care about struggle to breathe and communicate; wondering how to get to a funeral 8 hours away and back all in one day?  Plus, Jacob has surgery to remove his wisdom teeth on Friday...sigh.  Pray continually, take things one moment at a time, pray continually...

Saturday, January 1, 2011


If God is for us, [and He is], who can be against us?  Romans 8:31

A new year - 2011.  How time flies.  We heard a wonderful sermon last night about Romans 8.  What a wonderful and comforting piece of scripture.  I had a smooth and blessed 2010.  There's no guarantee that 2011 will be the same.  Many people have faced countless struggles in the past year.  How easy it is to feel like everyone is against us.  And then God speaks to us through his word.  No one can pry us out of His hands.  "If God is for us, who can be against us?"  As I approach a new year, I pray I will always keep these words close to my heart.

To blog or not to blog.  Am I feeling bloggy in this new year?  I don't know.  There are so many cyber related things that suck up my time.  How high a priority do I want to put those things?  Blog, classroom blog, school web page, Facebook (!), e-mail, etc. etc. etc.  There are, after all, real life, flesh and blood things going on that need my attention.  I am a terrible manager and prioritizer of my time.  I do feel like trying to blog again this year.  But I have a wonderful husband to spend time with; a terrific son to interact with each day; a delightful daughter and her family a mere hour away...I must grasp each and every moment possible with the people that mean the most to me.  And my job - talk about poor time management - I have very little spare time at work and I don't always utilize every bit of it...leaves me a bit frantic at moments.  Must do better so that I have less to carry home with me.  So, I guess I will try to blog.  It will be low on my newly formed priority list.

So, if I have any readers left out there, drop me a note and let me know you're there.  See you soon!