Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break Part 2

Thursday is drawing to an week almost complete. It has been a wonderful week, and frankly, even though there are only 10 weeks left, am not ready to go back to school. Totally in summer mode. Not a good sign.

I had a great St. Patty's day yesterday. Look here for a short history of St. Patrick. I ran some errands, cooked dessert and soup for church last night. I got in a short time to soak up some vitamin D, and finished this book:

"Blood Game" by Iris Johansen. I always enjoy her Eve Duncan books and this was no exception. It has been quite a while since I read the last one and this refers back to that book quite a bit. As always the story centers around Eve, Joe, Jane and their search for Eve's daughter's body. This book has a big paranormal...ghost...element to it. Also a character named Seth Caleb that seems familiar...must have shown up in another of her books...she likes to do that. It was a really good read, even if it did take me like 3 weeks to read it. Next up...Open Season by C. J. Box.

Finished off the day with a terrific soup dinner at church followed by another awesome Lenten service led by my favorite pastor. Voter's Meeting followed that. Seeing as how I am not a voter, several members thought that we should have our own voters meeting at the parsonage, which we did. Us girls had a great time with their kids, with Allan joining us after the meeting adjourned . A fun end to the day.

Today was a great day. I cleaned the to bottom...mopped the last of the floors. Then the three of us had lunch at Chili's. Then Allan and I went to Wally world and bought this. All I can say is WOW - do I ever love this vacuum! CanNOT believe what a great job it did. And EASY to push. love love LOVE it.

Short little cat nap, followed by the most amazing brats grilled outside by the most amazing grill-master (Allan of course) Served with Sour Kraut, potato salad, rye bread and pickles. Yummy. Then college basketball. Couldn't be better -unless my bracket wasn't already looking so bad:(

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break Part 1

Boy do I love Spring Break. It's so nice to have time at home to do NOT think about school or work. As day 2 is coming to an end, I have to say it's been wonderful.

First, spring cleaning chores completed: I have washed bedding and curtains in both our bedroom and Jacob's. I have cleaned both bathrooms, and hung a new and unmoldy shower curtain liner in Jacob's shower. Still need a new shower caddie - maybe tomorrow. I have dusted almost all the rooms, and cleaned windows in our bedroom and bathroom.

I have tanned once, exercised twice and almost finished reading a book I started weeks ago. We watched some excellent television, most notably episode one of "The Pacific." I thought this was excellent although Allan and Jacob didn't think it was as good as "Band of Brothers." Big Bang Theory was a repeat last night, but an excellent one with Wil Wheaton (which we know from a Family Guy episode - lol)

My most wonderful husband, who thinks he must keep me entertained even though it is his busiest time of year at work, has taken me to two - yes two - movies.

Cop Out. Saw this yesterday. It was pretty entertaining. Bruce Willis can play this part with his eyes closed. There was lots of effing language, but oddly not in an offensive way. Several really funny scenes. It didn't always flow quite right, but was worth the viewing. There's a new Hispanic actress we haven't seen before that looks a lot like Selma Hayek. She was fun to watch. Sean William Scott was hilarious as always. Plus I think I saw Kelly Ripa's hubby in one scene.

She's out of My League. We saw this this afternoon. Actually was pleasantly surprised. Pretty funny. Jacob saw it Friday and thought it was hilarious, which usually means I won't like it because it will probably be disgusting. lol. I was expecting lots more crude humor and was pleasantly surprised. Allan says it is a total fantasy - that girl would NEVER be interested in that guy. She is gorgeous - like a younger Reece Witherspoon. And even though the guy looks like a young Tom Hanks in the poster, he looks nothing like him in the movie. All in all, likable group of actors and fairly amusing.

FYI - 1 minute is too long to heat a tablespoon of butter in the microwave to melt it without exploding it all over the microwave. sigh.