Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Long and Busy Weekend

First thing in the morning and I'm trying to organize my thoughts.  Sometimes I wonder if I have adult ADD.  Things just whip around in my head so fast I don't know how to make a plan.  That's how I'm feeling this morning.  So many things I want/need to get done, and no clue as of how to get it done the most efficient way. errands....   I'm not sure I can even make a list - I feel THAT disorganized.

One thing I do know -- Allan gets home from Arizona tonight!!  He's been gone for three days (even though he says we saw each other on Thursday and will see each other tonight so that's only 1 day) and I'm ready for him to be home -- I miss seeing him.  He is what makes the sun come out in my day.

Tomorrow after church, we're driving to Abilene to visit Allan's cousin Roberta and pick up some things her mother left for us.  It's a long, long drive to make round trip in one day.  But I'm looking forward to a road trip with my beloved.  It will be good to see Roberta, even if it's only for a short time.

One thing I do know...if I continue to sit on the bed with the dog and cat cuddled up next to me...I'll never get started on my day.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Days

That's read it correctly...snow days in South Texas!  Unfortunately for the child that I am inside, there was no snow.  Only a little ice.  Not even sleet that you could scoop up and throw at someone.  Sigh.
Ice on the old oak tree

Check out those monster icicles

Palm leaves
That was about it for our winter storm of 2011.

But even though I didn't have actual snow to play in on my snow days, they were still a blast.  We went out for breakfast both days (plus this morning!)  Thursday went to see a movie:  The Mechanic.  This was, as my dad would have said, a womp stomper.  Lots of silly action.  But all in all a fun movie.  Worth the $6 we paid to see it.

Friday, we spent the day in Corpus.  Saw TWO movies in the big city theater.  First was The King's Speech.  Wow!  Great movie about a great king.  Excellent in every way.  And fun seeing the three Harry Potter cast members in something different.  Worth every penny of the $10 we paid.  The seats were super comfortable and even rocked.  Nice.

Then, a quick lunch at Rudy's Bar-b-que which was delicious.

Finally, Black Swan.  ICK.  Didn't like it - at- all!  I didn't really know much about this movie going in, and I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't that.  Very disturbing movie.  I guess it was well acted and all, but did NOT like it.  I'd like to have the $15.50  back on this one.

So, now we've seen half of the Oscar nominated movies.  Still would love to see Toy Story 3.  Maybe renting it next week?

House is clean, clothes almost all clean and put away, big pot of Chicken Tortilla Soup in the fridge to reheat, and my Kindle awaits me.