Friday, July 20, 2007

63rd LCMS National Convention

I've been out of touch for a week now. My hubby and I were in Houston for the LCMS National Convention. My husband was a voting pastoral delegate, and I was a listener at the back of the convention arena. I always love going to these things, because I find the discussions and debates so interesting. I was pleased, that overall, most of the resolutions/votes were either passed or not passed by over 75%. There were very few issues that were close. The best part, though, was seeing our dear friends from Wyoming that we've not seen for 10 (yes - TEN) years. It was awesome spending time with them. Lisa and I had a ball visiting in the back, and spent a day at the Galleria Mall shopping (and talking of course). Their boys came along, and it was great seeing what amazing young men they've grown into.
We all went out for dinner the last night, and a big thanks to the boys for getting the group photo! Our second night was a fun one, we all gathered at the Concordia Theological Seminary's party after the convention closed for the evening. It was a great time for the men - seeing classmates for the first time in years. The ladies (some of the men brought wives with them) enjoyed catching up on families and churches. Ft. Wayne always throws a good party, and everyone was in good spirits (as you can see, the jokers were at it again, as usual!)
We got home last night - tired and ready to sleep in our own bed. We stopped by our friend from CA to say goodbye. She and the kids left this morning for their new home in New Orleans. We were sad to see them go. It is nice that they are closer to home, and Jacob and Paeton had a great time together this summer.


Juloyes said...

Were you in St. Louis? I know that's where the MO Synod is located, as I've driven past it a hundred times on the highway! I grew up there and my parents had good friends whose hubby went to seminary there, too, at Concordia.

I love the Galleria mall if that's the one you're talking about. Be sure to eat at the Casa Giarda (spelling!) Grill at that mall next time you go!

Glad you had so much fun!

Caroline said...

We were in Houston. Last time we went (6 years ago) it was in St. Louis, and we shopped up a storm in the Dillards Clearance Store (which was going out of business) Bargains like crazy!

Mrs. Darling said...

sounds like you had fun! Its always fun shopping and seeing old friends. Glad the conference went well.

jewlsntexas said...

Hi Caroline -
I just wanted to stop by and invite you back to the Scrap Happy meme!

And the Galleria is a great mall - but oh so expensive!

Tara said...

That sounds so fun! I know I love going to our denominations conferences mainly so we can catch up with friends we haven't see in a long time! I also find it nice to be around a group of pastor's and their wives because they can relate to what we are experiencing in our lives... since most of them are experiencing similar things! Nice to know we aren't alone.

Mrs. Darling said...

Are you on some sort of blogging hiatus? LOL I see you on the blogs but then come here and theres no update.