Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend

As Easter weekend is winding down, I am very much wishing I had Easter Monday off! I could use a day of R & R, but alas it is not to be :) 

As is usual, my husband outdid himself with wonderful Holy Week services.  His Lenten sermons based on the names of Jesus were terrific.  It was all good...sermons, music, all of it.  The church was beautiful.  I was privileged to see two of our confirmands take Holy Communion with their families for the first time on Maundy Thursday.  Good Friday found me shopping for the Easter feast, watering the lawn, and cleaning the house.  Allan usually cleans on Friday's, but I was glad to be off work so that I could do it for him.  He does entirely too much for me!  Saturday, more watering (!) lots of food prep for today, arranging Easter Lilies at church.  Today was a wonderful day.  Church was awesome.  My meal went great.  We had some folks from church join us and everyone seemed to have fun.  An afternoon watching Big Bang Theory - Season 1.  A whole day spent with Jacob. (I can't remember when that last happened.)

I have yet a few little things to do for school tonight, and Vikings is still to come.

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