Thursday, May 3, 2007

Granddaughter Gift #2

This is a crocheted afghan that I've just completed (finally) for my soon to arrive granddaughter, Jessa. I got the pattern from Bev's Country Cottage, and it's called 'Bev's 5-Day Newborn Lovie. She said she made it in 5 evenings. Whatever - how about 5 months! It was also supposed to measure 34"x37". I used the right size hook, but maybe my yarn is thicker, or I just don't do it right (very likely!) Mine measures 46"x42" - go figure. But it is complete, and once I wash it, it will be ready for the shower. I still have several things in the works.


Toni said...

That is pretty! I spent both of my pregnancies crocheting!

Constance said...

VERY pretty! All of my grand-daughters got a "Gigi" blanket before they were born. They still sleep with them even as they get older! I guess it's time to make bigger blankies for them!

Juloyes said...