Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Dead Watch

Finished "Dead Watch" by John Sandford yesterday. Sandford is one of my favorite authors. Love the 'Prey' books with Lucas Davenport (just noticed a new one due out mid-May - can't wait!) This book was a bit slow to start, maybe because the characters were all new and required some set-up. The 'hero' of the story is Jake Winters. He considers himself a 'forensic bureaucracy specialist.' Basically, the federal government hires him when something is really messed up - to figure it and and apply pressure to those who can fix it. A former senator has disappeared and his wife suspects the Virginia governor of the kidnapping. Jake is brought in to find the senator and find who is at fault. This book turned out to be a really good read, despite the slow-ish start. Well worth your time. Enjoy:)

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