Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Quick Update

A quick note, as I have 3 days of chores to do today. (Shame on me for getting behind:( Our son is off to the "river", a very, very popular place for summertime here. A good friend invited him to go along with their family, and he'll be back Saturday. I spent the bigger part of yesterday at our daughter's house. We put together 3 casseroles for freezing to help out after Jessa is born. I got to see the baby's room. They did an awesome job, and it looks great! Today though, work, work, work. (And pleeeeaaaaase, a trip to the library - I am in a snit without something to read.)


Toni said...

Library is on my list today to- finished JPs Step on a Crack last night- Started out great- ending was a disappointment though!

How much longer until Jessa makes her grand entrance?

Jennifer said...

I need to get busy and start making stuff to freeze before the baby comes. Have any good ideas? Good luck on those chores! I have a pile of books here to read and just don't feel like it lately which is so not me.

Mammy said...

I haven't been to the library in forever. We need to go. At least so I can pay my fines. ha ha ha

I am doing some bulk cooking today, making up bean and cheese burritos. I am feeling ambitious today too, though, so might get more done.

What kind of casseroles did ya'll make?

Caroline said...

Toni -
Jessa should arrive around 6/10 - less than TWO weeks!
Jennifer & Mammy-
We made 3 casseroles - 1)Baked Spaghetti 2)Chicken and rice & 3)Chicken Ranchero - sort of like King Ranch Casserole but not quite
Mammy -
Got two books (have maybe read one - hope not!) And paid my hefty fine of .15 -- we NEVER make it back on time - lol

Mrs. Darling said...

I was suppose to make it to the library today but never did. It puts me in a snit too! LOL

Constance said...

I haven't been to the library in a while. I have 3 unread books here at home that I haven't started yet. I am waiting on 2 that I ordered used, from Amazon to arrive. I'll have plenty of time to read when we travel on vacation this summer!

Juloyes said...

I find chili and spaghetti sauce freezes great! I tried to put some meals away for after my latest was born.

I love new babies! Be sure to post pictures!

mommy to four j's said...

I am expecting alittle girl in July when is your daughter due.? We are going to name her JENNA.