Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Shape Shifter

Finally finished "The Shape Shifter" by Tony Hillerman. We always enjoy his books. This one is a good story, and the last third of the book is excellent, with a bit of a shocking ending (at least different from anything he's written before.) It took me a long time to finish it, partly because the chapters in the first half were very, very long (for me anyway.) I generally read at night before bed, and just don't have time for 30-40 page chapters, so I was doing a lot of mid-chapter ending, which caused me to loose the thread of the scene a lot. I rate this book fair.


Toni said...

I finally finish Judge and Jury last week- it was great! Yesterday I read Honeymoon- all of it- great also! Today started on Step On a Crack. I think I am starting to catch up!

Constance said...

I like his books too. I recently saw "Coyote Waits" which was made into a movie by PBS with Wes Studi and Adam Beach. I went out to the library and got the book. I plan to read some more of his work!