Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Beautiful Morning

We awoke to a beautiful sunny and cool morning. A loud crash of thunder woke us at 1:00-ish and rain followed. We brought the coward's inside, and went back to sleep. This morning discovered 1" of rain in the guage, with everything fresh and clean. (We had just gone to purchase new hoses and sprinklers last night. I had planned to water all day - now I can wait til next week:) ahhhhhhh


Juloyes said...

Living in the high desert now, I LOVE RAIN!!!! There's a reason God uses desert/showers imagery in the Bible!

(Hubby got back late last night so now I have the laptop and can check blogs again! Yippee!!)

Toni said...

I'm in Texas too, and I must say we have been getting our fair share of rain lately!

Constance said...

Last night was the first time in days, it didn't rain overnight! We've just been getting dumped on here in North Texas. I'm still not sure if we're going to be able to see Chris Daughtry at Taste of Addison tomorrow night. I haven't bought advance tickets because I don't want to worry about the weather!