Monday, April 23, 2007

Judge and Jury

Judge & Jury by James Patterson. James Patterson is one of my favorite authors. Probably because his chapters are so short - usually only 2 pages! But I never have to put down the book in the middle of a chapter :) This was an excellent read. An FBI agent is struggling to get a mafia boss convicted of murder. This first trial ends in a disaster, and the second trial doesn't come out much better. He and a member of the first trial jury team up both romantically and revengefully. Certainly worth your time.


Mammy said...

:) thx for the comment! I have been fiddling with blogging on and off for a couple years and still not quite sure what the proper ettiquette is, lol.

I read a ton of blogs but overall don't comment very much, I just read and go on to the next blog. I'm guessing most people probably do the same thing.

Toni said...

Thanks! Might have to go pick this one up for the weekend!