Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mid-Week Update

Wednesday - one of my favorite days - not sure why. I had a nice Wednesday though. After getting my kitchen cleaned up this morning, I continued my Spring Cleaning by washing curtains from the kitchen, den, bathrooms, and guest room. What a feeling of accomplishment! Still have 2 bedrooms and the living room to go. Plus -- my husband actually called me - yes - efficient - *gasp*. I never thought it would happen. He's already claiming he was smoking the wacky tobacky, and will wish he could take it back by tomorrow! lol :0) It was library day today (OK - yesterday was library day, but we didn't make it - .15 fine) Found three more books that I've been wanting to read. Have already started the first one. We chilled out in the sun to catch some 'rays' after that for a bit. Once Jacob got home at 6, we went to one of our favorite fish places for dinner. Yipee.

We have been going around and around with Jacob's school. Got his report card Saturday (5th six weeks) and just happened to notice that his 4th 6-weeks grade in Latin II showed a 78 (!) Went and got that report card, and he had a 97. It took until today to get it fixed, and of course no one knows why it was changed. They assure us that when they figure class ranks they will use the corrected grade (He's a top 10 student). Can you even imagine - what if I hadn't looked at the old grades!!!

Was thrilled last night that Heather was voted off Dancing With the Stars. My votes were split between Apollo, Laila, and Joey. Still don't know who I most want to win. This was the first week I've voted. Probably won't vote again until the last few weeks.

Watching NBA Playoffs tonight. Spurs won :( even though I knew they would. At halftime the Mavericks are barely up :) These guys are giving me more gray hair. Just beat those chumps already!
UPDATE: Mavericks win!! 112-99 Whew

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Mammy said...

I am beginning to wonder if the whole grade thing is computer related....we had the same problems with our oldests' grade card.

Sounds like you have been a whirling dervish around the house! Good on ya!