Sunday, April 22, 2007

Super Sunday

Today was a terrific Sunday. Our service this morning was excellent, as usual. The sermon was on the conversion of Saul. In light of the horrible events at Virginia Tech this week, and the hateful, anti-Christian ramblings of the lost soul who committed these horrible acts, we were reminded of the similar actions of Saul, before his conversion. A reminder that we are not doomed to remain apart from Christ. Christ can pull us out of the pit of our sinful lives, no matter how wretched they were. All this sandwiched between the joyful Easter hymns!

I stayed home this afternoon, not traveling along to church #2, because I was hosting (along with 5 other ladies) a baby shower for a young woman from church. She's a new Christian, coming into our church with no church background at all. She and her husband have been members several years, and are expecting their first child (she was due yesterday!) She was thrilled that we had a shower for her, and everything turned out great - wonderful attendance - nice gifts. Here is the photo of the centerpiece that I was in charge of. Our theme was Blue Jeans, Boots and Little Boys - Welcome to Heather's New Texan. Many thanks to Jacob for lending his King Ranch boots, lasso (where'd THAT come from?) and his remaining spur from when he was OUR little Texan. We did some outlet mall shopping on the trip home from Austin and found all the other goodies there:)

Have been busy tonight watching the NBA PLAYOFFS!! Hopefully we'll be busy with basketball until June. Spurs were first on our viewing list - they LOST :0) hoooo-ha. Then our Dallas Mavericks next. What chokers - they've got to do better than that if they're going to be the champs. Dirk needs to get busy and play like an MVP :-(

I'm feeling much better today - we'll see if I can make it overnight without coughing. I could use a good nights sleep.

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Juloyes said...

As a native Missourian whose had lots of Texan friends, I think it's so funny that y'all have so much pride in your state. Some friends of ours from seminary actually had a Texas bathroom, with a Texas shaped rug, the flag on the wall... They told me it's very important if you're from Texas to be very proud--they indoctrinate you from an early age in the schools... I hope you know I'm teasing! That centerpiece is adorable and what an original theme for a shower! COOL!