Saturday, April 14, 2007

Rear Window

We rented this last night to watch before seeing Disturbia. My 16 year old had never even heard of it! What a classic. I like in the old movies how they don't feel the need to rush through it, and take the time to build in some background. I don't remember this movie originally in color. Grace Kelly was STUNNING. Jacob really liked the movie - although he couldn't pick out any one thing that made it so good. Nice to see that good films stand up over generations.

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Constance said...

My nearly 20 year ols daughter saw Disturbia last night. She was at the Movie Tavern (those new places that serve meals) and didn't know there was a storm headed our way. I called and left her a message. She didn't get it until the movie let out. When they came out the outdoor furniture had been blown across the parking lot and they had to wade through knee deep water to get to the car.All of that to say that she liked it!

When we saw the previews I told my Husband that it had the same feel as Rear Window. How interesting that you rented the movie!