Monday, April 23, 2007

Scrap Happy - Week 2

OK - I know I missed week 1. I have worked on 2 scrapbooks. The first one I made last year. I wanted to do something special for my daughters 21st birthday, so I made a scrapbook for her with a page with pictures of each birthday. Cakes, gifts, guests...things like that. I thought it came out good for a first try. She cried, so I think she liked it.

This year, I made a Boy Scout scrapbook for my son as a gift for his Eagle Scout ceremony. I really like it, and I'm including one of my favorite pages, just because I love the pictures. The first picture is him and 2 friends at a July 4th turkey leg sale. The first boy is his best friend who lives in CA now. The second picture is later that day at his friends house as they were getting ready to swim. Not sure who took this picture, but I love it. The paper and stickers were purchased at the Boy Scout Shop. Go to So Much to Say, So Little Time to see all the other Scrap Happy pages!


jewlsntexas said...

Thanks for posting this. I like the page - the boy scout paper is awesome.
Somebody was really enjoying that turkey leg!
Thanks for joining the Scrap Happy Meme.

jewlsntexas said...

I just saw your comment about the linking -
The BEST way to link is once you have posted your page - click on the title of that particular post. What is in the address bar of your browser will change to the exact address of THAT post. That way when someone clicks on your name - it is linked to the scrapbook page post. It helps because then people don't have to go looking around for it.
It was fine to do it this way too - but best to link to just that particular post.
Does that make sense?

Juloyes said...

Looks great! I've been scrapbooking for 8 years and it's getting ridiculous...once my son turns 8 this fall, I'm doing one or two pages a month MAX. Up to now, I've done one book every 6 months for each of my boys and, of course, I have to the same for my precious little girl now, at least until she's 8!