Friday, April 27, 2007

Heading into the Weekend

We have had another productive Friday. Spring cleaning is still a work in progress. Mammy says I'm a whirling dervish - *if only*. Love that term, and it is certainly something to strive toward. Today I cleaned out the last of my clothes (3 trash bags full ready to go to Good Will) and my beloved husband helped me wash the outside of the windows. We are sparkling clean now. I really wanted to get the pots and pan cabinet cleaned out as well, but sorta lost interest.

We made an appointment for the 5th for our Australian Shepherd to be groomed. It became a quest for my husband and he clipped him himself yesterday - with hilarious results I might add - use your imagination. Luckily he is not a show dog. He did some touching up tonight and he does look better. He definitely FEELS better, and maybe we can control the fleas a little better. The fleas are terrible this year - they've never been this bad.

The biggest news is that we are once again Godparents - Seth Henry was born Tuesday in California - 7 lbs. 6 oz; 20 in. ! Mother and son are great, and the godparents can't WAIT until June when we get to see the little fella in person. (Double the pleasure, since our granddaughter will be born in June as well!) Check back on Monday's Scrap Happy Week 3 for baby's first pictures!

Basketball doesn't start until 9:30, so I'll have to update that tomorrow.


Mammy said...

ha ha...I liked the thing about the crickets (on my comments). Kids & critters seem to go hand in hand, don't they? :)

Congrats on Seth! New babies are such a blessing!

Hey, about the fleas, put 1 tsp apple cider vinager per quart of water for your animals drinking water. I also rub mine down with an equal parts mixture of olive oil and apple cider vinager after baths. Haven't had fleas or ticks on any of our critters.

Emily said...

Wow! You really go to town with the Spring cleaning.

The other day I was approached by a newspaper reporter while I was having lunch with my two little kids at the mall. The reporter was polling people to see if they did Spring Cleaning. I said no - it's hard enough to clean when your kids follow you around undoing everything you just did! It made me wonder if she was looking for a "no" for the poll and saw a mother with children and figured - there's my mark!
Oh, well! :)

Caroline said...

Mammy - forgot to mention we had a 45 minute each way commute to get to Petsmart to buy the crickets for the silly frog! Crazy!

Emily - My youngest is 16 so it is a bit easier to keep things in order than back when they were your kids ages. Besides, 'really go to town' is a bit of an exaggeration!