Sunday, April 29, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up

On the last Sunday night of each month, the High School kids get together for a Bible Study. We had them all over to the house afterwards and cooked out hamburgers/hot dogs/sausage dogs. We had sausages just for Elizabeth, because she'd never had a sausage on a bun before. She has informed her mother - no more hot dogs - only sausages. This is a great group of young people. It's always hard to get everyone together at once though. Besides these seven, one couldn't stay to eat, one was home asleep, one at a choir contest ... the list goes on and on and on... We had baked beans and chips to go with the burgers, and Blue Bell Ice Cream for floats afterwards.

Now, I may have mislead you with my tales of Spring Cleaning. I never said annual Spring Cleaning:) This was the first time the windows have been cleaned since we've lived here (1998!) Two years ago when I quit my job, we began trying to do some things that there wasn't time for with me working. We did some painting in the parsonage (entry, hall, a bedroom) that first summer. When our daughter got married that October, we cleaned (and cleaned and cleaned - ICK) and painted her room after she moved her stuff out. We kinda pooped out after that. I do always try to go through my clothes once a year. My beloved is always so generous, and buys me LOTS of clothes, yet I don't seem to get rid of anything (I might be able to fit into that some day). I'm now trying the method of 'if one new one comes in - an old one goes out. Basically, I'm not so great of a housekeeper. I try really hard, because it doesn't come naturally. I even have a daily schedule so things don't get skipped. My husband, on the other hand, is extremely neat. Clutter drives him nuts, so I really try to keep the house nice. He is very patient with me. So anyway, don't be too impressed.

Basketball - Mavericks lost game 3 :( They're looking pretty good tonight - don't know if I can stay awake 'til the end.

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