Sunday, March 18, 2007


Sundays are a busy day at our house. My husband starts the day at 6 a.m., when he walks over to church to begin double (and triple) checking the service. At 6:30, I walk over and make the coffee. I pick up a friend of our sons at 8:30 and church begins at 9:00. Sunday school follows at 10:15. My husband has confirmation at 11:15. While he's teaching confirmation, I'm preparing lunch. He arrives ready to eat at around 12:15. He also serves a small church in a neighboring town. We leave for the second church at at 2:00...home around 3:45. Today my husband has been sick (stomach - ick). It's been a long day for him. Jacob was worried all through church that he'd hurl from the pulpit - he didn't.

I worked on the last three pages of Jacob's Eagle Scout scrapbook after we got home - FINALLY complete! Jacob grilled himself a steak for dinner and we had soup. I pray he feels better tomorrow.

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