Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Aching Back

My back is killing me! It was very sore Monday, but felt much better yesterday. Today, I'm in agony. Was it the long car ride yesterday?? Or all the bending I've done today?? Or stress over the Eagle Ceremony?? Who knows...spent much of the afternoon with the heating pad. My beloved said I should visit the doctor this afternoon and I said "Don't be silly - I'm fine." Well, tomorrow afternoon I'm down for it if I'm not better tomorrow.

Went shopping today for Lutheran World Relief health kit ingredients - of course everything is on the bottom shelf. Tried out some decorations for the ceremony - bend and lift...bend and lift. OUCH!

Cake is ordered :) YIPEE!

May get a visit tomorrow from our daughter - can't wait to see how big her belly is!

Off to bed and the heating pad and my new book.

Basketball starts again tomorrow!

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