Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Eagle Ceremony Preparations

What a day and night! Spent most of yesterday starting final preparations for Jacob's Eagle Scout Ceremony on Sunday. We had the first real practice last night. My son, who's much like his father, lost his temper a bit at the slightly unorganized proceedings. However, in the end it was OK. We practice again on Thursday. Several people we have been counting on participating have, at the last minute, informed us they won't be there. I am slightly frantic about finding replacements. We are traveling into town after my classes today to the scout shop to buy neckerchiefs and slides, because, of course, not all the boys have a complete uniform. Still I need to order the cake. The scrapbook is complete. The decorations are in order (I HOPE). If only we have everyone show up that is supposed to. Pray for us!

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