Monday, March 26, 2007

General Ramblings at 5 am

Thought I would sleep like a baby last night...but no. My brain was in high gear along with a headache.

So very glad to get back to a regular schedule today. All my housekeeping chores have fallen to the background with all the Eagle preparation, so today I go back full force. I'll be concentrating on all the "cracks and crevices," as my husband says.

He was off to town to make hospital calls at 4:30 this morning. We have two men at church having surgery this morning and he has a devotion with them pre-surgery.

My son will be up in an hour to do homework that he was too excited to do last night. After the ceremony, gifts and cards, it was hard to concentrate. Besides that, he is horribly allergic to live oak pollen, and as you can see, we are overcome with it right now. This is nothing compared to what my husband swept off the driveway Saturday! Talk about an itchy, sneezy family!

Luvthebearcats issued a challenge to make a list of things I'd never wear again. I'll do my best.

10 Things I'll Never Wear

1. Short shorts
2. Strappy sandals (who'd want to look at THESE feet)
3. A sports bra as outer wear
4. A brides maid dress
5. Maternity clothes
Sadly, unless we move to a different climate-
6. Snow boots, and
7. Wool sweaters
8. Two piece swim suit
9. Big framed glasses
10. Big Texas hair
11. Crocs with shorts

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you made your list! I thought of the sports bra one too after I posted my list. I've got too much roll-over around my waist. =) Hadn't thought of the maternity clothes, but I TOTALLY agree with that one. I finally got my husband to go through with a vasectomy about 5 weeks ago. Thanks goodness!

Susan (luvthebearcats)