Saturday, August 29, 2009

First Week of School

The first week is done, 35 more to go. It was a great first week. The second graders are having a little trouble with the lack of free time. They are not used to having a full day of work, but they have coped quite well. Apparently they have worn me out, because I was so tired by last night that I snored like a train:) Here are my little darlings.

Jacob's first week in College Station was not as exciting as we had all hoped, although he did have some excitement when a mom scratched the side of his new truck backing out. But it is at the shop and will hopefully be repaired by next week. He doesn't cope well with too much spare time, and I know on Monday when classes begin he will be more at ease. Here he is right before leaving. I am not posting the picture with the ridiculous crying mother!

We visited Sarah and Joey before Jacob left, and had a great visit with the kids. Jessa loves her new brother and is totally fascinated with him. Both kids had good check-ups last week. Sarah is feeling almost back to normal. Here's some pictures from our visit.

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