Saturday, August 8, 2009

Julie and Julia

Went to see "Julie & Julia" yesterday. We've been waiting for weeks, and it was worth the wait. I'd read the book back in 2006 when it was published and loved it. The movie was excellent! Meryl Streep - what can you say. . . she was superb as she is in everything. For those of us who remember Julia Child, she was a carbon copy. Everything was well acted. It was funny, heart-warming, tender...all good. Well worth the price of admission ($3 each for us - thank you budget-friendly Kingsville theater!)

Now for other news. . . our grandson, Josia, is scheduled to make his appearance Monday the 17th! We can hardly wait to meet him:)

I've gone and burned the hummingbird food and now the house is smelling aweful! It's all the computer's fault.

Allan has helped me arrange the furniture in my classroom, so now all that's left is putting up the decorations, making the first lesson plans, and organizing books and stuff. Not a bad start for day one.

Found out today that Jacob got another scholarship for $3,500 - could NOT be more pleased!

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