Monday, August 17, 2009

Josiah Wesley

He's here!!!!!!!! Josiah arrived this afternoon. 9 pounds 1 ounce, 22.5 inches. Dad, Mom and Baby are doing great on their first evening together. More news as it happens.

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Constance said...

Congratulations! We finally have a grandson as well! Joel was born May 31st and his arrival puts us up to 5 grandchildren!

Thank you for your prayers, it has been a really difficult time.

In a nutshell we returned from vacation and found out that our youngest daughter has decided that marriage is too hard and so after 9 months, she doesn't want to be married anymore. Dave and I are like "WHAT??!!" Our son in law has accepted responsibility for his part in their communication issues and wants to make it work. She however, through her pride and stubbornness has said NOT INTERESTED! Needless to say, this has been very painful, watching your child on the road to self-destruction, taking others with her. We have had to turn it over to God and let Him work in her life. She needs to be right with God and is TOO independent for her own good.

The other issue is actually worse if you can believe that! My 37 year old nephew is in jail and has been charged with child abuse and 2nd degree murder in the death of his girlfriend's 19 month old daughter! My sister and brother in law are devastated!!!! He has admitted that he threw the little girl into the bathtub, fully clothed where she sustained a closed head injury. She was put on life support and died the next day. I don't know if he had been drinking or doing drugs, both of these have been part of his lifestyle in the past. It doesn't look good and I am torn. I have my sister's heartbreak for her oldest child on the one hand and this little girl's life being taken from her and justice for her, on the other hand!

I remind myself that God is about to do great things in our lives otherwise satan wouldn't be coming at us so hard. Sorry to leave such unhappiness here but wanted you to know that I appreciate the prayers. You can never have enough prayer cover!