Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Big Bang Theory

Now you guys know that we don't watch a lot of TV, and most of what we watch is old anyway. But this show, which for 6 weeks we haven't missed, is out of this world funny. I'm not sure why we watched that first Monday, but we are hooked. This show is laugh-out-loud funny. The characters are hilarious. Pretty much, a bunch of college science professors...total brainiacs...science fiction (think Star Trek) fans ...socially inept guys. Plus one normal, knock-out neighbor girl. If you've not watched this, you gotta check it out.


Terry said...

hi caroline,
mrs. mac directed me to connie's blog, where she wanted me to see your comment.
now, i haven't seen my scarf sisters lately but i am aiming to do so soon.
now, here is the thing.
mrs.mac is looking for people like her that love the snow and she always emails a pile of it over to me from idaho, knowing that i don't like it!
i live in southern ontario...
we are still in summer here and the trees are still green!
did you know that mrs. mac is the idaho snow queen?...she needs all of the support she can...she likes you because she loves snow!
me!!...please no snow until at least christmas!!

when i get caught up with the sisters...i will read your blog!
it looks real interesting....from terry[teresa]

bernie and i don't watch a lot of tv either.
we watch the old programs on liketelevision.com
lots of andy griffeth, leave it to beaver, bonanza, wagon train...etc.

god bless you!

Constance said...

Howdy! I hope you're settling into your routine! Take it from me, Miss Terry is a sweet, kind and wonderful Christian gal! She and I "met" when we participated in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf last year. It was lots of fun! Mrs. Mac from Idaho started the fun and this year we are doing an apron that will travel all over the world including Norway again and now the Philippines!

Personally, I LOVE the snow and would like to see it more than a flurry or two in the Winter. This year, we are spending Christmas in Yellowstone and we are really excited to be doing that with our youngest, Charlie. Just yesterday Dave and I started talking about some trails we can snowshoe and cross country ski on inside the park.