Sunday, September 20, 2009

One Long Week

This has been one of the longest feeling weeks that I've had in a while. Allan had a conference Monday - Wednesday, and that just started things off on a bad foot. Jacob had been home for the weekend, but left Sunday afternoon. We got flu shots on Saturday, and I had a fever all day Tuesday and most of Wednesday. I was a bit overcome with loneliness on Tuesday. I called and chatted with Sarah at lunchtime, and that really cheered me up.

At work, I feel like I am barely hanging on by a thread. It feels as if I will fall terribly behind if I let up even a little bit. (You should have seen my stack of papers needing to be graded this weekend. - sigh

This weekend was taken up a lots with activities for our neighboring church's pastor's retirement. He had a very nice party on Saturday, and his retirement service on Sunday. Allan put together a beautiful service, and everything was so nice. It will not be the same without Gil around the office at school.

And now it is Sunday night...My lesson plans are printed, my parent letter done, my October newsletter written, class webpage updated...sadly - more papers to grade - or not to grade, that is the question...

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