Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

We just arrived home from a great weekend in San Antonio. It was a pre-anniversary getaway, and boy was it great! The weather was wonderfully cool (wore a sweater!). We walked on the river, at some great food. Shiloh's was terrific. Hotel was beautiful. They had a delicious breakfast buffet. Super nice to not have to go out to get something first thing. We slept late, napped, checked out downtown by evening and daylight. Super nice and relaxing weekend.

NOTE: There is not one place in downtown San Antonio to buy a book, magazine or newspaper. It almost became a quest. (Correction, we did find one place with basketball magazines and porn, but that wasn't really what we were looking for.) Maybe that's why they're one of the stupidest cities in America:)

Nobel Prize...huh

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