Sunday, October 18, 2009

25th Anniversary

Our 25th anniversary was this past Tuesday. We've spent a lot of time thinking back over the years of our marriage. Time seems to have flown by, yet also seems to have stood still. Weird how that works. We were just kids back then - really. Our parents must have been worried sick. Thank God for them and how supportive they were. Our pastor says he though that either I would pass out or Allan would hyperventilate. All I remember is having a vice grip on Allan's hand. He's still holding me up today:) So many joys, challenges, trials, and blessings upon blessings from God. We had a precious little place to live those first 6 months we were married. Dirt cheap (which is what we could afford)! The faith my parents must have had in us to co-sign on our first home. How we loved that little house. Taking our first income tax refund check to the mall and buying the dining table where we still eat every meal. I remember sitting at that table coloring and cutting out letters for Allan's 'Happy Birthday' sign on his first birthday after our marriage. (This sign still gets hung up each year on his special day.) I remember bringing home our precious baby girl and hoping we knew what to do. We did. We both finished college and had numerous jobs back in those days. I think back to all the things we packed 10 years later when we moved to Indiana. When we moved to that house, it took two trips and a Suburban. Jacob was born, completing our family. We lost two babies in that year before going to the seminary. Those babies would be in high school now. Allan's sister and her husband needed a house to rent just as we were moving. What a blessing not to have to sell a house at that stressful time. Our years at the seminary were full of God's richest many to many miracles. I was blessed to have children to watch in our home, allowing me to stay home. When we moved back to Texas 12 years ago, I remember selling my stove/oven. Allan had gotten this for me when Jacob was born, and it broke my heart to sell was the best present, but there was no place for it here. Our years in Kingsville have been good. Allan's work here is good. He is well respected and loved by our church. I am blessed to teach in our little school - and to have been there during Jacob's early school years. Sarah met her husband here, and has a wonderful life and family of her own now. Jacob has made lifelong friends here. Somehow, we managed to grow up over these last 25 years. We still consider the other our best friend. There is no one I'd rather spend time with. Every day is a joy to wake up knowing I have another day to spend with Allan. God's greatest miracle was bringing us together 25 years ago. I can't wait for the next 25!

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