Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Eve

Wow! The day before Thanksgiving. Where has the year gone, and boy am I glad for a few days away from school. I can hardly wait until my entire little family is gathered once again at the Thanksgiving table. Jacob arrived home last night. Sarah and her family are coming tomorrow mid-morning. This will be Josiah's first Thanksgiving. I haven't seen the kids since last month, and I know they've changed so much--especially Josiah. This will also be Jessa's first Thanksgiving at Grandma and Granpa's house -- I hope she likes the eatin's.

I approach the approaching Advent season with mixed emotions, as usual. I love this season . . .the cooking, the choosing of presents, the decoration of the house and of course the anticipation of our Lord's birth. But on the flip side . . . massive social obligations, lots of work related things (church services, programs, papers to grade, report cards, decoration of the classroom...) I miss my mom a lot during the holidays. I always wish she could be here with us for these occasions with such strong family foundations.

For day 1 of the season, I have cleaned the house in anticipation of tomorrow's guests. My cornbread is baked for the stuffing, one buttermilk pie done, one cheesecake baking as I type, 6 eggs hard-boiled, rugs washed, clothes washing, and one apple pie yet to do. Plus dinner in a bit. Plus church later on.

I LOVE cooking a holiday dinner. I'm not sure why, but I get such satisfaction out of the whole thing. I guess just knowing people are looking forward to it makes me feel all warm and happy. Sarah's bringing two of the sides, so that will make tomorrow even easier. Plus there is the ATM vs. UT game and probably a Cowboy game to watch, and then dinner/dessert at friends at the end of the day. I can hardly wait!

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