Sunday, March 2, 2008

Shadow Dance

This is the second book by Julie Garwood that I've read. As it turns out, it picked up where the other book left off. I like reading books with continuing characters. This books main character, Jordan, was a minor character in the other book. Jordan travels to Texas to meet up with an odd Professor who supposedly has researched a feud between two of which is hers. He tells her that her family are brutes. Jordan's intent is to prove his research faulty. But once she arrives in the little town of Serenity, Texas. People begin to be killed. They seem to turn up in her trunk every time. The romance between herself and FBI agent Noah is of the cookie-cutter variety. It is almost word for word like the romance between the two characters in the other book. I don't care for this much - it will be interesting if in other books this same pattern is followed. Other than the romance part, this was a good story and kept my attention.

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