Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday's - Yesterday's and Today

I always get sentimental at times like these. I have spent a lot of time this week thinking back to Sarah's first Easter. She wasn't yet even a year old. Our family had a great and fun tradition. After church, everyone changes clothes, and loads up their picnic lunches and meet at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. We had the same spot every year. We'd enjoy being together, eat our lunch, and take a walk to "smell the roses." At this point, the Easter Bunny (aka Grampy) would hide the Easter eggs. On our return, the hunt would begin. My husbands' family had been doing this for years. For Sarah's first Easter, his youngest sister continued the egg hunting - even though she was 12! My parents joined the crowd, and it was always a nice time. After all that, we would walk over to the Japanese Gardens for a tour, and feed the giant gold fish. We did this every year until we moved. The rest of the family continue to celebrate Easter in just this way, even today!

Now that Sarah has her own family, I know how special all those firsts are. But these times make me miss being together with all our extended family. (Was she not the cutest baby ever?)

So today, with extended family far away, we surrounded ourselves with friends. All our Godchildren were in town and at church. We got a rare photo with all of them.We even managed to drag Jacob away from teen-age food and fun for a quick family pic.

We had several families from church over to share our Easter feast. Everyone shared lots of laughter and good times. The funniest thing that happened:

My friend asked to bring something, and we decided on a potato casserole. She mixed it up ahead of time, intending to bake it at church right after Sunday School was over. (We live right next door, and I use both ovens to cook in :) She put in the the refrigerator before church. We were in the kitchen after church, and she said, "Oh, you already got my casserole out." I hadn't even looked for it yet! So we look around, and her dish is sitting out nice and clean and empty! Turns out, the ladies set it out for the brunch! UNCOOKED! Can you even imagine?? I then recall seeing it out on the table and wondering what in the world that was? My friend was really glad her dish didn't have her name on it! Don't you think that it would be obvious that a potato casserole was not a breakfast item - especially an uncooked one. We laughed all afternoon about it. And I had all the ingredients to mix up another one.


Mrs. Darling said...

Oh what a story! Did anyone take any of the uncooked cassserole? Seems like someone would have said something!

Jules said...

Oh my gosh! Did they actually eat it? You would think someone would have known or said something! That's the Lutheran style of not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings - so much so that you would eat a potato casserole raw! :)