Sunday, March 9, 2008

National Lutheran School Week

We just wrapped up Lutheran School Week. The kids all had a good time. Here are our cuties all decked out in their team shirts on Monday. We just finished running relay races.

We had red day, a Christian art contest, silly hat day, Christian writing contest, pajama day, movie and popcorn day, Bible bowl, crazy dress day, and wheel day. Everyone enjoyed the special activities and treats.

At church, our confirmation students came to the house for our annual pizza/study party on Saturday. It's their last opportunity to review all their questions (200+) before the public examination...which was this morning. The kids did great! Next week we'll have 4 kids confirmed.


Constance said...

March tends to be one of those months with a lot more activity than usual! I don't know where Jan and feb went though! I look back and don't know if I have much to show for it! I will begin my Spring cleaning AFTER my oldest daughter and 2 grand-daughters have visited us. They'll be down on the 19th and I'm lucky to just find the time for regular cleaning let alone anything more detailed! happy Monday!

mommy to four j's said...


Jules said...

This reminds me of my days at my Lutheran school! (a very, very long time ago)

Ahhhh... those were the days :)

Constance said...

Where's our weekly update?

Just kidding, it's probably Spring Break and if you're like me, the word "break" is kind of a misnomer!

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Juloyes said...

i love christian schools!

i tagged you yesterday!