Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mid-Week Update

This has been a busy, but productive, week so far. Sunday was a great afternoon - nap and all. We enjoyed lazing around with nothing to do. Monday, we discovered that our friends from CA, Katie and her family, had arrived at 3 a.m. after dropping her son Paeton off at Scout camp with Jacob. We went to meet our new Godson, Seth. He is an angel. So cute. He smiled:) We went back to visit later that evening and took a dip in the pool. That day, I began my garage purge. Was very proud of my progress. Allan liked the idea, so yesterday afternoon, he decided to get involved, and now our garage is purged! We filled the dumpster, and have a pile in the middle for an impromptu garage sale on Saturday. I am listing items on ebay as I come to them (eliminates stuff AND boxes!) We had a small group Bible study last night. Folks were talking about a burger place in town (Big House Burgers) that we hadn't been to *gasp* and all were shocked by that. So we went there for dinner. They have fried pickles (our favorite) YUM says it all. Over at They Grew in My Heart, Jennifer posted a great list of Christian ways to ease stress. Check it out! Everything was really good. I have gotten no emergency call from camp, so I'm assuming that Jacob hasn't fallen off the mountain. Always a good thing. We still aren't's really hard waiting.


Constance said...

Doesn't that grandbaby know that everyone is waiting???!! The nerve!

Camp was always hard on me. I imagined that something terrible was going to happen because I just knew in my heart, that no one else could possibly take as good a care of my kids as me! Wow, that sounds pretty prideful when you say it out loud (or see it in print!) I am purgin my utility room slowly but surely. As soon as the washing machine is up and 100%, I can finally finish the job!

Jennifer said...

What in the world are fried pickles? Is this something this preggo woman needs to try???

Caroline said...

Fried pickles ROCK! They are hamburger dill chips that are battered and fried and dipped in ranch dressing. Double-YUM:) Easy enough to make at home, too. You've gotta try it.

Caroline said...

Well, they're not served IN ranch dressing, but with ranch dressing on the side to dip them in. lol