Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Night Adventures

Whew - this has been a busy day. We drove to Austin this morning to pick up Allan's grandmother and bring her back for a visit. She's going to stay with us almost 2 weeks. It's her first visit here, and I think she's pretty excited. I KNOW she's excited about seeing her great-great-granddaughter! Hopefully we'll be able to do that early in the week. She's our first official guest (other than various teen-aged boys) in our guest room (aka Sarah's room).

Jacob finally started his job on Wednesday. He is working the conveyor belt. He picks out the seeded watermelons and packs them in boxes to be put on the trucks for shipping. His work days are from 8 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. with a 30 minute lunch break. My poor baby is sooooooooooo tired. Once he gets that first paycheck, it will all be worth it though.


Toni said...

Sounds like you will be have a good time!

BTW_ I got the new JP book on Ebay- and YES! it is great!! ~aren't they always??

Constance said...

They pick young people for those jobs because :

A) The rest of us are too "smart" to work that hard. And:

B) The rest of us would never last that long!!!! Enjoy your fmily time!

PS I'm Back!

Jules said...

Wow! 8am-11pm? With only 30 minutes for lunch? Isn't that illegal? Seriously- I thought everyone was entitled to a 15 minute break for every four hours worked or something like that. That is one heck of a day!

Have a good visit with Grandma! ;)

mommy to four j's said...

Have a great visit with grandma. Hopefully your son will make it through his hard job th efirst paycheck will make it worth while.

Toni said...

Are you ever going to post again?? I'm feeling a bit neglected, and need an update on the grandbaby!