Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mid-Week Activities

We drove down to Progresso, Mexico yesterday for lunch. We ate at our regular place, and picked up some Advantage for the dogs. It's nice being so close to the border, because it makes for a nice outing when things

in town are too boring to face. This is the mighty Rio Grande River, from the exact border between the nations (Mexico to the left, Texas to the right). This is the Progresso market. There were not many people this day, but more cars than usual. You can get any kind of dental work done on these blocks, hair braids, prescription-free medications, leather goods, pottery, and loads of junk as well.
This is the inside of one of the bigger stores. Thankfully the stores usually have a/c. It was blazing hot this day.

Sarah and the baby are doing great.
Jacob started his job (finally) at 9 a.m., and thinks he'll work until 11. I bet I didn't pack enough food for such a long day. Can't wait to find out what he's been doing. One thing for sure - he'll be tired!


blackpurl said...

wow! sounds like you had a great day!!

Constance said...

You know, I have lived here in Texas for 14 years and NEVER made it to Mexico! My kids have gone on Mission Trips but not me. The one store you showed in your picture looked like a good place to find good bargains. My Morning Room off the kitchen is decorated "Cantina-Style" with lights around the ceiling and treasures that the kids have brought back from Mexico for me.

Toni said...

I haven't been to Mexico in a year ow- I really miss it!

Mammy said...

Neat pix...thx for sharing. Wish I coulda snuck in your trunk and gone over....:)

Mrs. Darling said...

Ive never been to Mexico. Some day I plan on getting there, at least to the touristy spots.