Friday, April 26, 2013

Hill Country Wedding

Allan is officiating a wedding in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas.  Although this is a working weekend for him, it is a great time off for me!  Two days off of school and a fun road trip with my dear husband.

We had a really fun day today.  Lots of driving and seeing stuff.  We love reading historical markers -  lots of brave people who have fought off Indians, missions that could never quite convert those Indians to Christianity, and people massacred by Indians.  Texas has always been a rugged place!  We drove on some of the most beautiful roads I've ever traveled in Texas.  Who knew?

On a whim, I opened up my Flavortown app and low and behold there is a Triple-D restaurant 40 miles from where we are!  So off we go to Mac and Ernie's for dinner!  Very tasty and neat place.  To finish off a great day, Jacob has arrived and is eating our dinner leftovers!

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