Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Terrific Few Weeks

Life has been good here at the homestead.  I had a lovely Mother's day...very relaxing.  It began with a wonderful worship service.  No cooking for me on that day - I was quite the pampered Momma.  Jacob got me a beautiful, colorful new apron, and Allan treated me to a vibrant orange King Ranch wallet.  Most of all, I loved spending the day with those two!

We've had RAIN...yes rain.  Three weekends in a row with no watering!  It's like I'm on vacation.
This is what you get when you have rain falling from the sky rather than sprinkler water.  A vibrant green lawn and flowers everywhere!  Everywhere you look, shrubs are in full bloom.  Birds chirping everywhere, garden full of fresh veggies.  Ahhhhh.

Last Saturday was a fun day.  Jacob came for breakfast, and then we went to his house to help with his yard work.  Not that he needed help, but nothing makes Allan's day happier than making a nice lawn.  I got to lounge around with Bud, wash a few of Jacob's dishes and just enjoy the morning.  Very nice spending time at his casa..

One week left of school -- 5 days (technically 4.5)!  My end of year checklist is almost main concern is keeping the kids busy.  School work is complete besides 3 Religion lessons.  Bulletin boards are partially down, library in order, by Friday I should be done.  Wish me luck!