Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Fever

Ahh Spring...time for sneezing, coughing, hacking and yes fever.  What a week the past week was!  But thanks to an extremely understanding husband, a Z-Pack from Mexico, and many cough and allergy pills, I'm feeling human again.  Actually slept fairly well last night.

We had a great Sunday.  Church was awesome - two wonderful brothers baptized, Holy Communion, an interesting Bible Class -- all good and enriching.

Tacos for lunch followed by our regular afternoon of Office viewing - lots of laughs.  For dinner I attempted the Pork chop and Wild Rice casserole that was a disaster when I fixed it in January.  I've been afraid to try again, but alas, it was back to its original goodness.  Still think it was the Great Value cream of Celery soup that wrecked it before.  Animation Domination followed dinner and then a trip to Wally World to finish out our evening.

This is a big week at school.  CAT test time!  Always makes me a nervous wreck.  I pray the kids will work up to their abilities.  Not putting their full effort into the tests is a problem for some.  They are all such bright kids - I'd like their test results to reflect that.  I've got three grades to test this year so that means our testing day will be longer than in years past.  Stressful for all involved.  Keep Praying!

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