Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Break!

Wow, it's been a month since my last post...I was doing so good there for a while. lol.  The weeks have flown by.  So, so busy.  Work wise, I've been in the middle of a crazy AR reading contest which is thankfully over!  BTW, our school came out in FIRST place in the nation.  Then last week was Lutheran School Week which means a busy week of activities - fun but exhausting.  Now for a break.

There are a few things I want to do this week:
1.  Wash all the curtains in the house.
2.  Trap all animals to give them spring flea treatments.
3.  Scrapbook the photos taken thus far in 2011 (although I'm not feeling in the scrapbook mood yet)
4.  Finish the books I'm in the middle of.
5.  If the sun comes out, try to lessen the pasty white of a stay-at-home that I am right now.

So far, I've completed on book, and have seen two movies.  A trip to Corpus is planned for tomorrow - movie and a meeting for Allan.

Book Review:  Whiplash by Catherine Coulter.  This one took me about 3 weeks because as I said, life has been busy.  It was a great story, one of my favorites.  I love Sherlock and Savich, and they were great in this book.  They were working on two jobs at once, and a few new characters were introduced.  The new characters show potential for showing up in future stories.  Story #1 involved a US Senator who was seeing his late wife's ghost outside his window.  Savich's physic abilities helped to solve this mystery.  Story #2 involved a drug company, a murder, and Germans.  A really good read.  (A)

Red Riding Hood - stinker.  Allan thought it was terrible, but I was a bit intrigued trying to figure out who the werewolf was.  (C-)

Adjustment Bureau - very intriguing.  We both enjoyed this movie.  Lots of thought provoking ideas about free will.  (A-)

On the list for tomorrow:  Cedar Rapids

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